Social Media Headshot Starter Kit

Twitter, Snapchap, Instagram, Youtube.  Time to put yourself out there It moves fast. The Millen's know that you better say what you have to say in 30 seconds. Why do I call this your starter Kit? Because you HAVE to define YOU with your social Media Headshot.

Look, you have one shot at catching the attention of the Web Audience. Why not give em all you got?


Let me capture it for you- this social media headshot is Your Starter Kit, your sounding board, your ampersand.  

I remember being in Florida with my niece a Mellinial kid we were at a superhero store and her and I posed in front of a grey board and became super hero for a day. That image I still look at it daily- we captured a dream her dream. They know the Millens that they create what they want through the dream, so dream on.

And now that your ready to let dreams become life let us create your first page. 

Im a kansas City Photographer Contact me when your ready to kick your social media image into gear.

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Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel