Top 5 Reasons to hire a professional photographer to capture your maternity Portrait

This is a special, wonderful time in your life. These nine months go by so quick and before you know it, the big day arrives.  There are many reasons to let a pro-photographer capture your pregnancy images.  Here are what we consider the top 5 reasons to let a Pro handle the job.

1.  You have a billion things to do right now, from painting a nursery, to buying diapers. give yourself a break and let a Pro handle this special time. 

2.  A Pro Portrait Photographer knows how to find your special light. Hey, we know how to make you look great and this is the perfect time to pamper yourself and get that perfect look.  

3.  Getting a Pro for the maternity shoot offers you the ability to find that Photographer to capture Jr. or Little Miss at the first Birthday and any other future events.

4.  When you hire a Pro Photographer you will get images that are of high quality.  We'll find the concept, have lighting, and even hair and makeup, if desired by you.  It all adds up to an incredible image.

5.  The top reason, sure these images  you and your loved ones will enjoy, but the real reason you need a Pro to capture your maternity images is simple: that little bundle of joy.   These images are really for them. So in years to come, they can look back at these moments in time and see how much love and time went into every little aspect in their planning.  These images are for the future and they need to be special.

Let me create a Portrait of your little masterpiece to-be. 


Kimberly Pimentel is  one of Kansas City's Best Professional Photographers.     


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