Kansas City’s Pimentel Portfolio LLC, Top 5 Secret things to have in a Senior Portrait

The Senior Portrait has become such an Iconic way of capturing your Step into Adulthood.  These Images will reflect your youth as the journey into the vast unknown unfolds.  That’s a Big deal,  and it’s important to set yourself apart from the rest, especially with your Senior Portrait Session.  These 5 Secret things that your Portrait should have, but, are not always talked about, but we all know they should have.

They are Easy to spot when you view a Timeless Portrait.  


Pimentel Portfolio LLC Awarded Portrait.  

1. Your images should have Impact. They don’t have to have a lot of bells and whistles to achieve this.  As seen above, the right light, the right connection, and you’re the Star.  



Black and White Portrait Awarded in the Portrait Masters 2018 to Pimentel Portfolio LLC

2.  Your images need to have Connection. We’ve said it before, we will say it again. But what do we mean?  It’s easy to find that in one of our sessions. We have an Artistic director who will put you at ease with the session by assisting you in hitting every pose. Once that part of the equation is zipped, all you do is shine through and you will connect in your images. People remember connection. They don’t remember the brick wall you jumped in front of. 

 3.  Proven Quality, what is this exactly?  What do you think of when you read the following 3 words: Rolex, Lexus, Tiffany?  Objects come to mind, right? What about these objects is similar? They all possess a Proven quality that is timeless. And your portraits should have this quality.  

4.  Beauty, boy! This should be easy. Who would have thought that you would even need to remember this? But, you need to remember it.  You are beautiful, and your images should portray your beauty.  Find a photographer who specializes in capturing that (beauty of you), You deserve it! 

5.  Powerful, Powerful, Powerful. There we said it 3 times that’s how strongly we feel it.  

Making sure our clients are shown in a light that displays their essence of power is super important to us.  You are starting a journey into adulthood, be powerful, make a statement! 

There are, of course, more things that make a great Senior Portrait. We love that our clients know they can trust us to make sure they will have a fun experience,  as well as create an amazing Portrait of them. We want you to look Beautful, Powerful and ready to start your Journey. It’s a limitless Universe, if  you don’t  limit yourself.  

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Portrait business that specializes in Modern, Timeless, Legacy Art.   

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