“The Dog days of Summer”

Summer seems so far away, but inside we all carry a bit of those warm days with us.  One summer day about three years ago, I was spending some time outside with my two elderly rescue dogs, Cinnamon a Red Heeler Mix and KC a Besenji mix. 

Both older dogs that we had rescued in our journeys.  When  I decided to capture a few portraits  of them. 


Both dogs had journied with us watching our careers grow and experiencing lives changing. They were elder dog rescues and both were such well behaved old gals.  We still remember with fondness how Cinnamon the Red Heeler had welcomed our Niece Avery who was just a baby into the family by promptly sitting gently on her as Roxi was holding her, as if to say Okay she’s mine!  That niece  to this day still has Cinnie’s dog bed and and will read a book in it or nap in it. She had developed a string connection with our dogs.  


That summer day as I was capturing these portraits of my two friends I knew with sadness that soon winter was coming and they had struggled severely last winter. I snapped thier images quickly knowing in my heart I soon would be without them.  They both quietly posed for me connecting with me. 



The winter did come and it was hard.  My heart still carries the day Cinnamon went out for her morning walk and found herself in deep snow and could not walk back to the house. She looked up at me watching her from the house and layed down curled up in the snow.  As if to tell me it’s ok ok friend I’m ready. I dropped my coffe cup forgetting I was in shorts and a T-shirt and no shoes. I ran out into the cold and down those  snow covered deck stairs hardly touching the steps and ran to her screaming “No!! I have you! I have you!”  I gathered her up in my arms and ran back into the house and warmed her up by the fireplace . She didn’t pass that day but, later that winter we lost both of them in the same week.

About three years ago today in fact.  It’s been three years and these portraits I did of them still resonate such deep feelings for me. And I’m so glad I have them to remember those “Dog day of Summer” 


The author Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio LLC

The author Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio LLC