First photo shoot of the year

My shoot with Roxane Carmen Petra Henrici. 


Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel

Bicycles of Amsterdam

The Wheels of Amsterdam Everyday I was drawn to Photograph them- they were more then modes of transportation- they to me became the pulse of the city

All images by Kimberly Pimentel a Kansas City Photographer.


I would capture streams of images 

I would move fluidly with them clicking mechanical time 

All images by Kimberly Pimetel A Kansas City Photography

All images by Kimberly Pimetel A Kansas City Photography

I loved the bicycles of Amsterdam 

Amsterdam's Colors

The Reds of Amsterdam 


This city will capture your heart with all its visual beauty 


As a creator it was easy to become overwhelmed by all the visual stimulation - so as I captured images I would focus on a theme - this walk was color- Red


I loved the Juxtoposition of all the bikes anchored to homes and bridges - the velocity of the city -Amsterdam 

The Dogs of Amsterdam

Summer 2016

All images taken by Kimberly Pimentel a Kansas City Phorographer at

Street Photography has been a passion of mine for decades.   This Summer I spent two weeks in Europe Shooting.  These images are from a project called The dogs of Ansterdam-

Another image I caught while walking thru Amsterdam. We would walk and shoot, then stop at a cafe.  I loved seeing all the Dogs of Amsterdam and Europe.  One dog we met was named Georgie- he had been rescued in Romania.  

    I have two rescue pups and have learned so much from them.  Enjoy the day as my dogs do smell the earth.


I am a Kansas City Photographer  and my images can be purchased contact me at. 

The Giant

Last May I shot images in Yosemite


Every night I'd leave the Valley right before sunset. The images, the sights often had me in complete visual overload- I really need more time to digest these images. It's been almost a year and I jus took another look at some of my images. And even today I still get chills thinking of how Valley View was beyond Iconic - it was a moment I'll never forget. This image I captured is called " The Giant" - it was taken in Valley View at sunset - there were prob 100 of us Photographers here each evening at sunset.  I'll never forget jumping over moss mud covered rocks- crouching in mosquito beds - not blinking for fear I would miss one second of the Giant as he fell into nights sleep.

The Places I have been

The things I have seen

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

I can't describe the magnitude of Yosemite, it's humbling and yet empowering to know you are part of this - this is one image I captured-

This series will soon be available to purchase  

All images on this site are:


Lower Yosemite Falls

Granite and Water- part of my Yosemite Series- all images

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