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Push your Boundaries to increase your creative skills.

As a creative it's so important to challenge yourself.  Stepping out of the comfort zone can create new oppertunities and open new worlds.

Model Roxi Henrici and assistant Tina Frain enjoy a BTS iPhone capture at Kansas City Union Station.

Model Roxi Henrici and assistant Tina Frain enjoy a BTS iPhone capture at Kansas City Union Station.

Yesterday, we knew wedding dress portraits was the game theme. So we developed our makeup and hair plan and decided we would shoot a environmental  wedding portrait.  We headed into Kansas City seeking architectural eye-candy.  

  We knew Kansas City's Union Station would be one landing spot for a session. But, we also opted to do a additinal location.  We spotted the building that houses the Kansas City Ballet. And we stopped and set up a few images on the public sidewalk.  A few onlookers drove by with one stopping and a gentleman got out and approached us. 

I grabbed a few more shots knowing we were going to be scooted away soon.  But instead a opportunity arose.

The man was actually the owner of the building and he told us he was honored we chose his building to shoot in front of, because he "loved his building". We thanked him and made sure it was fine for us to be there and he continued on his way.

  Two minutes later he was back and motioned me over. I was a bit nervous as I approached. He smiled and said, to me that If I wanted I could take my team of model and assistant inside and shoot in the "chimney".  

   I was nervous, super nervous. I've been a photographer for a long time but have only recently decided to structure my skills into a profession. My heart was on overdrive a voice inside of my head blurted out "sure that's great!" . While another voice was screaming OMG! Are you crazy! 

  The owner said ok you guys have 20 minutes. I told the scaredy cat voice inside my head to shut the hell up. And grabbed my camera and gear and we flew inside that gorgeous building. 

  I set up my model got in place and my assistant placed light. And the dance began.  I found light, I controlled light and I grew as a Professional. We created magic I showed the model and my assistant our images as we created so they could see the mood we were creating.  We finished,  packed our gear and grabbed a elevator out of the "chimney" of the KC Ballet building. 

   We thanked the owner and exchanged emails so we could send him a image of his beloved building.  Later that evening as I culled through images I saw our shots and was so proud.  We had created magic!  I had driven a team   and had learned in doing so that pushing my limits was a great learning thing.  

Entrepreneurs, creatives must challenge themselves to do different things to grow thier crafts. It can be hard but if it isn't hard then your not challenging yourself and you will not grow your skill set. 

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