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Kimberly Pimentel and Roxi Henrici of Pimentel Portfolio 

Kimberly Pimentel and Roxi Henrici of Pimentel Portfolio 

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The Giant

Last May I shot images in Yosemite


Every night I'd leave the Valley right before sunset. The images, the sights often had me in complete visual overload- I really need more time to digest these images. It's been almost a year and I jus took another look at some of my images. And even today I still get chills thinking of how Valley View was beyond Iconic - it was a moment I'll never forget. This image I captured is called " The Giant" - it was taken in Valley View at sunset - there were prob 100 of us Photographers here each evening at sunset.  I'll never forget jumping over moss mud covered rocks- crouching in mosquito beds - not blinking for fear I would miss one second of the Giant as he fell into nights sleep.

The Places I have been

The things I have seen

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

I can't describe the magnitude of Yosemite, it's humbling and yet empowering to know you are part of this - this is one image I captured-

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Lower Yosemite Falls

Granite and Water- part of my Yosemite Series- all images @KimberlyPimentel.com

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