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We are Kimberly And Roxane. We are Photographers who love to give our clients a Experience, they will never forget. We have been shooting and creating together for the last 12 years.   When you book a Portrait session with us, you get so much more then just the session. We are a creative duo.    Our current work has been Published and we have earned Awards with the Portrait Masters.

We cherish the ability to make people feel alive and beautiful.  Cause in the end it's all about what you gave back to others.  And for us giving you the ability to see a side of yourself you either forget about or have never gotten in touch with is when the magic occurs.

When you come to Pimentel Portfolio for a Portrait,  we will create a portrait session designed just for you, based on what you want in a portrait and who you want to be photographed with.  It's our job to make sure you look great in your images.

We can arrange for you a Makeup artist, and or a hair stlylist.   So you can look your best.  We have a wardrobe of some smashing outfits, that you might find intriguing or we can assist you in finding the right look.  We will direct the creative element to you shoot so you get that Pimentel Portfolio Magazine look that we are known for.

After your A-List shoot we will meet with you and show you a gallery of images picked just for you and help you decide the best ones to complete your experience.

We want you to look fabulous the day of your shoot! and you will probably want to book a table at the Plaza for dinner after your shoot with your special someone.  because your gonna look and feel  smoking hot.

You deserve to be seen as you truly are,  When we developed our Portrait business we did it with the Motto of Service.  Its simple we want to give you a experience and capture a portrait of you that shows your strength and beauty and we can because we know you have it in you.

 We are all beautiful and deserve to be seen as the unique beings we are.  

We invite you to Join us for a personal Photo-Session. We promise it will be the best Image you have ever seen of yourself!

We can fill you in on more details. call us at  (913)687-1464.  Your moment to shine is awaiting

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