Kansas City

There are perhaps a handful of things that Kansas City Is Famous for.  BBQ, World Series Baseball  Winners The Kansas City Royals and being know as "The City of Fountains".  And being home to some incredible artist. 

Last Month I had the unique opportunity to do a Studio Shoot.  The images my team captured are breathtaking. We knew magic was happening as lighting, makeup, model and photographer all joined forces to create for her for us as well. 

Mikaela Carson model photgraphed by Kimberly Pimentel.

Mikaela Carson model photgraphed by Kimberly Pimentel.

You know when the moment is just right when it takes your breath away. And we all knew it was happening as we balanced the light the mood the movement. I love capturing images of Dancers, performers, artist and anyone whom catches my eye. To find and capture the soul in a image is unique. And when it's there it's there.

KANSAS CITY is Home. Its a feeling a place of wonder. From the Beautiful Kauffman to the Art Deco designed bridges to the Spainish influenced Plaza  area to the Foutains.

Happy Valentines Day Kansas City!