Social Media Player: You Got Game??

The world of  online Media moves at a furious pace. What’s cool and a showstopper today will be old news by the end of the year.  Same speaks true of your personal Media image.  People whether they are looking for you professionally or socially will see your Media Image first before they text you, call you or meet you.


   Your social media image is your calling card, your banner, your electronic key to your future social acquaintances.  I know those selfies you take In the bathroom at Chilis Resturant look cool. But as your friend I gotta tell you it’s time to step up your game, or get left behind. 

    Selfies are fun we all do them, but some of us do them better then others.   That being said; I must tell you the impact that just one Professionaly done portrait can have on your Media game can be mind blowing!   We all say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all know that the first impression is the key to gettin a foothold on that media path.

  It’s time to step up your game.  Now why wouldn’t you want to step up your first impression? 

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