Amsterdam's Colors

The Reds of Amsterdam 


This city will capture your heart with all its visual beauty 


As a creator it was easy to become overwhelmed by all the visual stimulation - so as I captured images I would focus on a theme - this walk was color- Red


I loved the Juxtoposition of all the bikes anchored to homes and bridges - the velocity of the city -Amsterdam 

Home Espresso

Being a home barista is becoming the best way to ensure that one can individualize your caffeine extraction and enjoyment 


In the next few weeks I'll be exploring this home process. Starting with the equipment and ending with the beans. From bolts to beans.

The Places I have been

The things I have seen

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

Glacier Point in Yosemite 

I can't describe the magnitude of Yosemite, it's humbling and yet empowering to know you are part of this - this is one image I captured-

This series will soon be available to purchase  

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Lower Yosemite Falls

Granite and Water- part of my Yosemite Series- all images

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