You want a White Sheet Photo Session with Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio.

Beautiful , tasteful and eloquent.  Just some of the words we hear about our clients experience with one of our white sheet shoots.   


It’s Classy, elegant, tasteful and it’s all you.  When we have a client in for a white sheet shoot, we tell them plan on feeling 100% beautiful.  

They will ask us what do I wear ? And we say that’s simple a white sheet or anything your special person had bought for you or you want to show off for them.  


We know you would love to experience one of our white sheet shoots.  And,  the images you will see of yourself will knock your socks off.  We make sure you are completely comfortable as we create your session. As we instruct you on  posing so you’ll look 💯 off the hook beautiful. 


These sessions  are so much more then a white sheet shoot. They are these strong beautiful women saying. “ I’m a sexy, powerful woman and not afraid to show you !”

Let us know when you are ready to experience a session.  We will make sure you have a great time and your images will project just how sexy and strong and beautiful today’s woman can be.

Kimberly Pimentel is  owner and Photographer at Pimentel Portfolio a Kansas City based Portrait business.

She is a member of the Professional Photographers ( PPA) of America, also, member of Professional Photographers of Greater Kansas City( PPGKC).  

She is also a Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer. Her images have been awarded and published. 


And can be reached to set up your session at (913)687-1464



Before and after images from Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC

    Kansas City Photographer Pimentel Portfolio LLC. Showing you a before and after of a recent portrait shoot. 

      We love creating Vanity Fair style of Portraits for clients.  Because, people don’t realize that they all have that hidden ability to look fierce!  We just know how to Style them and capture that look they all have inside. 

     We tell our clients to trust the process. We provide them with a makeup artist before their session and can even provide Vanity Fair style  wardobe that we have chosen uniquely for their look.   


A before and after look from Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC. 


     There is nothing so beautiful and self assured as a client who sees themselves in this light, it’s powerful.  Pimentel Portfolio LLC  are Kansas City Photographers who create Portraits for Media Branding, Engagements, Maternity, And bridal.     Call us at (913)687-1464 to find out how to book your session. 



Beauty and self confidence is a feeling and when you know there is team of makeup, wardrobe, artistic, and photographic direction behind you with one thought: to create for you a stunning legendary Portrait of you and whoever you want to be photographed with. You can’t go wrong.  

 Pimentel Portfolio LLC Kansas City Portrait Photographers.  Call us to find out about a portrait session and how we can bring the fierce out in you!



What Letter will you Write?

    The delicate Intricacies of your life weave a story web about you  that is like a letter, and the people who love you cherish these stories.  Your moments in life are not captured in one second, but a collection of moments capture the story of you.  

    Memories, pictures these are gifts that you give unknowingly to your family.

The story that you leave is filled with triumphs, laughs, and many many inspirational moments that someday others who love you will look back upon on and smile.

    You are a unique being. Your journey is a monument to others before you. The Legacy is there ready to be captured in a Portrait. 

Call Pimentel Portfolio LLC , to learn how we can create your Portrait. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Portrait business.

We can be contacted  at (913)687-1464 to find out how to schedule a Portrait Session.

Motherly Love, the Perfect Portait

What makes a beautiful Maternity Image ? 

Creating a Unique Portrait of you that captures who you are and your love of being a Mother.   And that’s exactly what we do.  It’s simple; we love capturing you, the beauty of who you are.  It’s what we are good at.

 Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Photography business that caters to your photographic needs.  When we started our business we did it knowing we wanted to create Legacy Portraits.  What better time to start your legacy? 


Portrait created for the Maternal time, a Legacy of time and Quality.  

What makes a great Maternity Portrait ? 

You do,  and the beauty of your moment. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City Based Portrait business. We are women owned and proudly serving all women and their families to create Legacy Portraits that capture “You”. 

Contact us to find out how to schedule your Legacy Portrait.  

Call us at (913)687-1464. 

Marketing Yourself on Social Media

The beauty of today’s Social Media Market is that the world of Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat are FREE. And as a business owner FREE is GREAT. But, no one ever handed out a Manuel on how to market on social media the right  way. 

Here’s our top 5 points to consider when starting your buisness media presence. 


Headshot created by Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC.

1. Your face is the face of your new Buisness. Get a professional headshot of yourself. Use your headshot for all your media outlets.  It often amazes us when we do sessions for clients and then go to look at thier media links and never see the images they paid for to be made in action.

2.  First appearances are everything !  Your mom used to tell you that and it’s true! As a representative of your business it’s up to you to display professionalism.  Have a professional Social Media Video made for your business.

3.  Be Neutral, Truth Hurts.  Ok this one is a bit political but hang in there. It’s for your own good. Be careful with your posts to be neutral. Don’t take this personally.  It just allows you to reach more customers who want to hire you.  

4. Don’t be repetitive on your media business posts. You know you hate it when a buddy post his football party pics on Facebook and the same one on Instagram. Switch it up a bit. 

5.  Media presence is the knock on the door in today’s selling world. And quite frankly it’s no longer a “Hi! This is me!” But a “ Hi, this is what I can produce for you !” Be yourself and show your stuff!  

The opportunity to grow yourself comes hand in hand with growing your business base. Network, chat, meet and greet as many people as you can. And remember EVERYONE is a potential client. 



Pimentel Portfolio LLC is an Award Winning, Published, Kansas City based, creative group that specializes in Portraits and  Creating Marketing Profile Videos. 

They can be contacted and inquiries made at  (913)687-1464. 

Portrait Awards for Pimentel Portfolio LLC of Kansas City

Portraits should have several qualities to become Memorable.  Awarded images must capture unique qualities for a judge to merit the image as above standard and into the realm of advanced placement.  Photographers work for decades improving the technique and putting together the skill needed to produce this quality of work. 


Awarded Portrait Capture from Pimentel Portfolio LLC

But, what exactly makes a awarded image?

Yes, there are standards of criteria that Judges use for awards competition. Things like composition, focus, lighting are a few.  

We at Pimentel Portfolio LLC shoot for you, our client.  So, what is it that we capture in our Portraits that make them award winning is YOU! 

What draws you into a Portrait? The eyes. The gateway to appreciating a good protrait is the ability to see the sitters story, through the eyes. 

Photographers call this, connection.  The ability to capture this connection and take it to the next level of art appreciation can take decades to learn and master.

When we create A Portrait of you, we want you to be able to see this image as a Story, a legacy a timepiece.  We want your portraits to be your museum, so to speak.  When we create your portrait in one of our studio sessions. Long after you have left for the day. We are reviewing our work of you. And finding that one Portrait that we know speaks that language of your ancestors stories. 

Their story is in your eyes, we capture the story. 

Yes, there are many things that make a award winning Image. For us, the most important thing is You!   

Let your ancestors story continue, consider your Legacy Portrait as “ your chapter” .

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a award winning Kansas City based Portrait Business. We can be reached to find out how to start your legacy portrait at 

(913) 687-1464



Women’s Business Portrait should be confident and Powerful.

Your Social Media Image is your first impression to the Business World. And first impressions are key!  Women need to remember that they need a professional Business portrait.  


 Kansas City Professional Photographer Kimberly Pimentel, of Pimentel Portfolio LLC, tells you the top key things to remember when getting a Professional Business Portrait.

1.  Wear solid colors.  You are what you wear, so to speak. Look solid and confident. 

2.  Go to a Professional Photographer to get your Portrait.  We offer quality images that will look timeless and that’s what you want; nothing out-dated or too trendy.

3.  Go with a Photographer that you feel comfortable with.  You want to look your best and feeling your most confident will make your image Powerful, and you need to project that to the Business world to stand out.   

4.  As far as retouching, discuss with your photographer that they do a Business retouch, which is a basic clean up of stray hairs and lint.  You want to remain YOU and confident.   

5. This Image is your calling card. Do not let a selfie be your calling card.   Smile, show your confidence and look Professional.  

With LinkedIn and Professional Liscensing, Media releases, Resumes and Social Networking you have to be on top of your game.  You do not want to portray an unprofessional image as who you are. With the Internet history, we all know images follow us for a long time.  As a professional Woman you need a Professional Portrait.

Call us at Pimentel Portfolio LLC at  

(913)697-1464 to find out how to schedule a Professional Portrait today. 




Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Photography buisness based out of Kansas City Missouri.  We had the Honor of creating Wedding Portraits for Valerie and Justine Weaver at thier recent Wedding Ceremony. 

The Wedding was held  in Eureka Springs Arknasas.  We were so excited to be creating images and capturing the Magical Day for them.  

Bride and Groom Valerie and Justin pose for a portrait. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Bride and Groom Valerie and Justin pose for a portrait. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

This Magical Portrait above was captured at Sweet Springs one of the many scenic springs located in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  


The Ceremony of the Happy couple was held at Thorncrown Chale which is also in Eureka Springs Arkansas. 

Thorncrown Chapel was the location for this Wedding Portrait. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Thorncrown Chapel was the location for this Wedding Portrait. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

After the day had ended and all the guest had left we had time to create some portraits of the couple alone in the Chapel.  It was at a time we Photographers call the “magic light” hour.  The architecture of the Thorn-Crown was a perfect backdrop for this image. 

It was a Wonderful day with The scenic City of Eureka Springs being the backdrop for Couple Valerie and Justin’s wedding. 

Val and Justin will remember this day forever. 

Val and Justin will remember this day forever. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Photography buisness based out of Kansas City Missouri. 

We Create Portraits that can be printed or put on Canvas. Images that have been printed will be the images that will be passed onto  the next generations. As Technology Changes the art of Printing Portraits remains. 

Let is Capture your History  

call us to set up a session.


💃🏻Flamenco Dancers Portraits by Pimentel Portfolio a Kansas City Photographer 📷

We had the pleaseure of Photographing several Flamenco 💃🏻 dancers and creating for them some fantastic dance portraits.  Below Roxane Henrici strikes a pose in a dancerly way at Kansas City's historic Union Station.  

Roxane Henrici dancer 

Roxane Henrici dancer 

The colorful outfits were eye catching and their Flamenco 💃🏻 shoes clicked on the marbel floors of the beautiful Union Station as we captured images of these ladies of dance.  

Cheryl McMorris displays her Flamenco dance dress.

Cheryl McMorris displays her Flamenco dance dress.

Dueling Dancers 💃🏻 below.  At Kansas City's Union Station.

Vanessa Dominguez and Cheryl McMorris dance out a rhythm.

Vanessa Dominguez and Cheryl McMorris dance out a rhythm.


Is a Kansas City based photography business. That can be contacted to schedule your Portrait session at (913)687-1464.

💃🏻KC Dance Day 2017 💃🏻

Have you ever wanted to try to tap dance? Or maybe your a breakdance wanna be ?  Well, KC Dance day is the event to go to if you have ever wanted to try a variety of dance methods.

The KC Ballet host this event yearly.  For a nominal fee you get a ticket bracelet that allows you a variety of dance classes to attend.  Followed by a grilled lunch and then a world dance program. 

A world showcase dancer at KC Dance Day 2017

A world showcase dancer at KC Dance Day 2017

It's a great way to get every age involved in the arts as young and old enjoy the classes.  This program brought to the community by the KC ballet is a great way to get dance to those who might never be able to try it.


World dance Program at KC face day 2017

World dance Program at KC face day 2017

KC Dance Day 2017 kicks off the dance season for KC Ballet. Which this year will include a complete Ballet of the Wizard of Oz! 

Ole Preformed Flamenco Dance 💃🏻 

Ole Preformed Flamenco Dance 💃🏻 

All images by www.pimentelportfolio.com

Kimberly Pimentel is a Kansas City Photographer and owner of Pimentel Portfolio LLC and can be contacted at (913) 687-1464


Portraits Done Right

We are a creative team that LOVES to create images. It's simple; you probably haven't ever had a Professional photographer shoot images of you, have you?

Well, it's time to change that.  And with Pimentel Portfolio we can make this process as fun as possible.  

Amy Stegman poses in the ambient light reflected off the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in Kansas City

Amy Stegman poses in the ambient light reflected off the Kauffman Performing Arts Center in Kansas City

We will detail your shoot to fit your needs. Maybe you and your loved ones need a family image. Or you are a modern millennial who marches to a drum of uniqueness. Or you are a business owner who needs to replace that tired selfie with a professional image.  Either way we can put together an incredible shoot for you so your memories can be viewed and cherished.

    On your shoot we will make you feel at ease in front of the camera so your true personality will shine through,and create a glimpse of the truly unique person that you are.  

Kansas City landmark the Kauffman provides a backdrop for Amy Stegman's Session 

Kansas City landmark the Kauffman provides a backdrop for Amy Stegman's Session 

After your session we will Taylor make a gallery of your images and you can create a package of prints, wall art or both to enjoy and share. 

Here Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio shows Amy  Stegman her images. 

Here Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio shows Amy  Stegman her images. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based portrait photography business.  Call us at (913)687-1464  to find out more.  

Kansas City Business Owner Media Portrait

Portrait of Kansas City Business Owner Dawn Hupp.  Anytime we do a Portrait for someone we learn about them, and we learn from them.  Dawn is a millennial entrepreneur who owns Houndstooth Planning Company in Kansas City.  

Image done by Kimberly Pimentel owner of Pimentel Portfolio LLC, for Dawn Hupp Kansas City Buisness owner . 

Image done by Kimberly Pimentel owner of Pimentel Portfolio LLC, for Dawn Hupp Kansas City Buisness owner . 

As we culled through her portrait gallery, we chatted about images and being women  business owners.  She asked me what my opinion was on the above image being a sureshot Media Portrait.  I told her I loved the image but I saw the ones where she was looking straight at camera as being more approachable and powerful .  She thought about that for a moment and said

'Yeah, but I'm a millinial and we do things differently.'

As business owners it's essential that we do whats good for the process not just the moment.  Be yourself and trust your decisions.  And trust that gut instinct that you have to value yourself and place a high value on your self worth and what you do.   

   When your ready to let us create a powerful media for your platform we are ready! 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC, is a Kansas City  based portrait Photographer Buisness. Contact us at (913) 687-1464

Portrait Session for Kansas City Buisness Owner

  We were fortunate to shoot with Marlene Ollier a Local Kansas City Buisness owner.  Aesthetician and Owner of The Clearest Hydrafacial Skin Care, Marlene called us after being gifted a Portrait session for her birthday. 

We consulted with Marlene and determined that she was interested in shooting in Historical Dearborn Missouri's downtown. 

The client Marlene Ollier and Photographer Kimberly Pimentel owner of Kansas City Buisness PimentelPortfolio LLC 

The client Marlene Ollier and Photographer Kimberly Pimentel owner of Kansas City Buisness PimentelPortfolio LLC 

After we knew the location. We scouted the area.  This step of location scouting is a imperative step in your session workflow. It allows your creative team to develop a pathway of creating.  

Below is a image of the Hotel in Dearborn MO. That remains a iconic landmark in this small town with history that dates back to the Civil War.  


  The owner of the above Hotel and a city matron of the area  both came up to us during the shoot. We chatted about history and Due to our researching the area and knowing some town facts, they shared more knowledge and we were invited to shoot thier again.

This step of researching and communication, is imperative as a professional photographer to let people in the area know who you are and what you are doing. Remain within the public areas of a location. Stay on public sidewalks and be respectful of the area. 

Client Marlene Ollier And Lighting assistant Roxane Henrici enjoy a giggle before the shoot.

Client Marlene Ollier And Lighting assistant Roxane Henrici enjoy a giggle before the shoot.

We all enjoyed our journey back in time in this quaint Missouri City.  I encourage you to read of this city and learn about it's history.  And thank you Dearborn Missouri for allowing us to capture another moment in your cities history.

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Portrait Photography Buisness located in Kansas City Missouri. We can be contacted at (913)687-1464. Our work can be viewed at our website www.pimentelportfolio.com


Push your Boundaries to increase your creative skills.

As a creative it's so important to challenge yourself.  Stepping out of the comfort zone can create new oppertunities and open new worlds.

Model Roxi Henrici and assistant Tina Frain enjoy a BTS iPhone capture at Kansas City Union Station.

Model Roxi Henrici and assistant Tina Frain enjoy a BTS iPhone capture at Kansas City Union Station.

Yesterday, we knew wedding dress portraits was the game theme. So we developed our makeup and hair plan and decided we would shoot a environmental  wedding portrait.  We headed into Kansas City seeking architectural eye-candy.  

  We knew Kansas City's Union Station would be one landing spot for a session. But, we also opted to do a additinal location.  We spotted the building that houses the Kansas City Ballet. And we stopped and set up a few images on the public sidewalk.  A few onlookers drove by with one stopping and a gentleman got out and approached us. 

I grabbed a few more shots knowing we were going to be scooted away soon.  But instead a opportunity arose.

The man was actually the owner of the building and he told us he was honored we chose his building to shoot in front of, because he "loved his building". We thanked him and made sure it was fine for us to be there and he continued on his way.

  Two minutes later he was back and motioned me over. I was a bit nervous as I approached. He smiled and said, to me that If I wanted I could take my team of model and assistant inside and shoot in the "chimney".  

   I was nervous, super nervous. I've been a photographer for a long time but have only recently decided to structure my skills into a profession. My heart was on overdrive a voice inside of my head blurted out "sure that's great!" . While another voice was screaming OMG! Are you crazy! 

  The owner said ok you guys have 20 minutes. I told the scaredy cat voice inside my head to shut the hell up. And grabbed my camera and gear and we flew inside that gorgeous building. 

  I set up my model got in place and my assistant placed light. And the dance began.  I found light, I controlled light and I grew as a Professional. We created magic I showed the model and my assistant our images as we created so they could see the mood we were creating.  We finished,  packed our gear and grabbed a elevator out of the "chimney" of the KC Ballet building. 

   We thanked the owner and exchanged emails so we could send him a image of his beloved building.  Later that evening as I culled through images I saw our shots and was so proud.  We had created magic!  I had driven a team   and had learned in doing so that pushing my limits was a great learning thing.  

Entrepreneurs, creatives must challenge themselves to do different things to grow thier crafts. It can be hard but if it isn't hard then your not challenging yourself and you will not grow your skill set. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Portrait Photography business. Our website can be seen at www.pimentelportfolio  

Instagram Pimentel Portfolio  


Kansas City Photographer on Entrepreneurship.

    Do what you love in life, and you'll love your life. Entrepreneurs often walk to the best of a different drum.  They live life facing challenges of career moves and often self doubt thier creative skills.

     People will doubt your ideals and question your paths at times. I still cringe when I think of someone telling me  " yeah someday that might be a business for you!", or things like " I've seen you do way better". Comments like these and self doubt can lead some entrepreneurs to kick their dreams to the wayside.  

    But at the end of my day running my Photography Portrait business I know two  definitive things:  

   1. It's my dream  

   2. It's what I love to do

and what it all boils down to in life is "what you create is a biproduct of who you are and your love to create. "

I feel lucky everyday to do what I do.  I meet interesting people learn about them and capture their energy in a portrait session. I couldn't ask for a better medium for my creative inner nature.

Pimentel Portfolio Studio creating a Look for a client.

Pimentel Portfolio Studio creating a Look for a client.

We all walk through our lives placing markers on events that are meaningful to us.  Journeys we've been on good and trying. We all look back on memories. The thoughts we carry with us become postcards of the mind. 

When your lucky enough to be doing a Profession that you love, you soon realize how the pieces of the puzzle fit so well. When  your engaged in tasks that allow you to create and be in your element the workflow is rewarding instead of daunting.

Tether shooting a session for Male Model Jacoby of Kansas City.

Tether shooting a session for Male Model Jacoby of Kansas City.

Life does move so fast it's a challenge  to keep up the pace at times. But, I have realized that if you are involved in a career that you Love you will Love your Career.

     Nothing's ever perfect and it all takes work and commitment to the goal. But, heres my list of three pivotal steps, to increasing your life happiness ratio.

   First, find what you love to do. Really think about this. Some of us take decades to find this key. Try on many hats and explore.

  Build a a footpath to your goal. look at others journeys. Learn and research your ideals. Educate yourself as much as possible. The most beautiful of bridges have crumbled when the dreamer forgot to see the river nearby and how it flooded occasionally.

Surround yourself with a Army of associates, family and creatives. You need have to have sounding boards for your visions, in all facets. From the accountant, the banker, the lawyer the spouse the best friend all will become your extension into your new world, and all are necessary.

Entrepreneurs face difficulties daily when starting new ventures. I have made mistakes on my path, have doubted my art, my self. But defeating attitudes breed defeated ideals. I choose these days to wake up each morning and think of ideals and plans to make Pimentel Portfolio bigger and better.  For now it's my creative niche but someday I would love to help others pursue their dreams. Everyone deserves to see a dream come true. For me right now this path is a dream. I can't wait to see where it leads me.

Branding, Media Portraits in Kansas City

#BrandiSharp a local Kansas City buisness owner came to PimentelPortfolio.com for a Social Media Branding Session.  She was in the process of creating and inspiring others in her Journey and was ready to show the World.   And we were there to create and capture her Media Branding Look.

Brandi Sharp local  Kansas City business owner discussing her Media Shoot 

Brandi Sharp local  Kansas City business owner discussing her Media Shoot 

Your Brand as a Entruapneur starts with You. And we all know first impressions are a game changer. And a envoking connectable  polished Social Media Portrait is a part of your Journey. For Brandi,  we did a thinktank Consult with her input.  Her needs were to have a Media Portrait that was Approachable, Energetic and Glamourous because she is #glamlife .

Post Shoot captures dialing in the Look

Post Shoot captures dialing in the Look

To make your Branding Social Media Portrait Session a success create a game plan. Start with hiring a Photographer who can caputure the energy of your look.  Then discuss with your creative your Brand, who are you what's your journey. Then assemble your wardrobe looks. Then book your session.

 I am Kimberly Pimentel a  Kansas City Photographer and owner of Pimentel Portfolio.  I can be booked for Social Media Branding Portrait Sessions. Contact me Kimberly@kimberlypimentel.com