You Are Your Brand

Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel created  this Portrait of business  owner  Jason Williams.  


I’ve been creating portraits for Jason since 2017, and this year we also photographed his fiancé.  

Each time Jason is photographed it’s a journey. He  is a intellectual sensitive energetic man and I know when we photograph him it will be a lesson in branding.

Headshot portraits are the first step of creating your social media look. You have to present yourself in a professional way. Jason knows this and that’s why he chooses professional photographers to capture and create his yearly look.  We do business branding headshots for people who know that their look must be honest and professional in order to be effective.  They chose me to create the look for them. Because they can trust me with their image and know I will not let them down.

In order for branding to be effective the main rule of thumb is, it must be honest and Jason portrait’s encompass him completely and honestly.  He is his one man. There are no pretentious feelings when he sits for me. It’s all him 100 percent and in this honesty we create these intense portraits of him, for him.  

Im sure I’ll Photograph Jason next year and continue to capture him in branding portraits.  Watching him become more successful as we also grow our portrait business it’s a interesting symbiotic relationship and I’m glad I met him and and thankful he trusted me with making his portrait. I enjoy seeing people grow and become the portrait and embrace their self strengths. And creating portraits for them gives me a unique window to see them grow. 

We can assist you by creating a Professional Headshot that will capture you.  

 Kimberly Pimentel is  owner and Photographer at Pimentel Portfolio a Kansas City based Portrait business.

She is a member of the Professional Photographers ( PPA) of America, also, member of Professional Photographers of Greater Kansas City( PPGKC). 

She is also a Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer. Her images have been awarded and published.

And can be reached to set up your session at (913)687-1464



You want a White Sheet Photo Session with Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio.

Beautiful , tasteful and eloquent.  Just some of the words we hear about our clients experience with one of our white sheet shoots.   


It’s Classy, elegant, tasteful and it’s all you.  When we have a client in for a white sheet shoot, we tell them plan on feeling 100% beautiful.  

They will ask us what do I wear ? And we say that’s simple a white sheet or anything your special person had bought for you or you want to show off for them.  


We know you would love to experience one of our white sheet shoots.  And,  the images you will see of yourself will knock your socks off.  We make sure you are completely comfortable as we create your session. As we instruct you on  posing so you’ll look 💯 off the hook beautiful. 


These sessions  are so much more then a white sheet shoot. They are these strong beautiful women saying. “ I’m a sexy, powerful woman and not afraid to show you !”

Let us know when you are ready to experience a session.  We will make sure you have a great time and your images will project just how sexy and strong and beautiful today’s woman can be.

Kimberly Pimentel is  owner and Photographer at Pimentel Portfolio a Kansas City based Portrait business.

She is a member of the Professional Photographers ( PPA) of America, also, member of Professional Photographers of Greater Kansas City( PPGKC).  

She is also a Accredited Portrait Masters Photographer. Her images have been awarded and published. 


And can be reached to set up your session at (913)687-1464



Branding Portraits are for everyone. Not just business Owners.

You are your brand. From the moment you wake up get dressed, drive to school or your work place.

Your Brand begins with you. So, represent it the best way possible, and this includes making a positive strong presence on your media.

Senior Portrait reflecting style and presence. 

Senior Portrait reflecting style and presence. 

A Senior portrait can be the beginning of a journey into your adulthood. And your portraits at this time will reflect this journey.

You will change and grow in the next 5 years. New places to live, careers, and collegiate paths will be chosen.  As You change so will your goals and also your self-Brand will change to fit your path. 

You, are your Brand and that becomes your message to others. So, yes we all create a brand, business owners, college students, teachers.  What does your brand say about you today? 

And, where will it take you?  

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based business, that specializes in creating personal portraits for everyone who needs to Brand themselves and more importantly needs to create social impact. We can help you do that.  

 We can be contacted at:

Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Kansas City Missouri


I Wanted to let you know something important!

I just wanted to tell you what you what a good thing you have done by scheduling your mother daughter portrait.  It is such a long term powerful thing even a  character building process.

Legacy Mother Daughter Portrait on Canvas

Legacy Mother Daughter Portrait on Canvas

You may not even realize how powerful this simple act  of creating a portrait is but, trust me what you have allowed to be created is a life lesson for you and your daughter.

It’s s lesson in the strength of motherhood,  you have shown her how a mother’s job of creating life and the passing of genetic characteristics is so amazing. And you have shown her how important she is as a daughter in this family. You have given her a place in the family matriarch line.  For we all know how important the Family portrait becomes as time passes. How fragile these ties can be and how history holds true to the impact of a family portrait.

The act of having a mother daughters portrait made for you and her is something she will never forget. The look on her face as she proudly placed her hand on her mothers hand and gazed up to our camera as we captured that moment for you is now a memory captured and will be on your wall then hers then her daughters and so on.

It’s amazing and  we just wanted you to know what a amazing gift you have provided her. It’s character building to know your mom loved you so much that she wanted to capture your relationship.

What a gift!  What a life lesson to show a young girl the importance of their place in the family.

You go mom!!  You have created a legacy portrait.


You rock!!

Pimentel Portfolio LLC, is a Kansas City based Portrait business. Contact us to find out how to schedule your session at the link below.

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A Mother’s Day Portrait. Or, a Super-Hero in hiding.

When you are a child you see your mother through the eyes of a child.  You see her as your heart does. With no expectations of any shortcomings, instead you see all her strengths.   

Mother Daughter Portrait captures the moment of a lifetime. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Mother Daughter Portrait captures the moment of a lifetime. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Your child sees you as the caretaker of their lives. They see you as the teacher of their life lessons. You show them how to be a loving, caring human. You show them how to give and Give of themselves with little thought of what will I receive in return.  

When they see you they don’t see you as tired, or with a few extra pounds or your hair not being perfect.  When they look at you they see Love and that is the best mirror in the world. Your child deserves to have that time captured in a portrait.

Daughter and Mother captured in time. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC.

Daughter and Mother captured in time. Image by Pimentel Portfolio LLC.

Because, guess what mom, to them you are a super-hero! And, you are!  You bounce back from a 12 hour day of work with no food in your stomach and get them ready for dance, guitar class, swimming lessons or any other activity. With no thought of your own self care you’d give them anything you have just to make sure they want for nothing.  And that is what a Super-hero does.

So, rememberer when you are so tired you are falling asleep in mid sentence and when your feet hurt so bad at the end of the day., You will always be their Hero!  


Portraits by Kansas City Photographer Pimentel Portfolio LLC.

”We create portraits where you are the star” 

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Please! No More Brick Walls! Let them eat Cotton Candy!

When we think of Senior Images at Pimentel Portfolio LLC, Kansas City Portrait Photographers 

 the thing that comes to mind is how if we ever see another brick wall it will be too soon.  We know you are thinking the same thing. We know you want something that is different. We know that if you come to us for Senior Images it will be a experience like nothing you’ve done before.

Cotton Candy Queen    You don’t want a brick wall. We don’t shoot brick walls. You know you want to stand out of the crowd. We shoot people who are shooting stars!  We can make your Senior Image a experience.  Call us at (913)687-1464 to find out how to schedule a session.

Cotton Candy Queen

You don’t want a brick wall. We don’t shoot brick walls. You know you want to stand out of the crowd. We shoot people who are shooting stars!

We can make your Senior Image a experience.

Call us at (913)687-1464 to find out how to schedule a session.

Cotton Candy Queen photoshoot by Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel owner of Pimentel Portfolio LLC. 

“The Dog days of Summer”

Summer seems so far away, but inside we all carry a bit of those warm days with us.  One summer day about three years ago, I was spending some time outside with my two elderly rescue dogs, Cinnamon a Red Heeler Mix and KC a Besenji mix. 

Both older dogs that we had rescued in our journeys.  When  I decided to capture a few portraits  of them. 


Both dogs had journied with us watching our careers grow and experiencing lives changing. They were elder dog rescues and both were such well behaved old gals.  We still remember with fondness how Cinnamon the Red Heeler had welcomed our Niece Avery who was just a baby into the family by promptly sitting gently on her as Roxi was holding her, as if to say Okay she’s mine!  That niece  to this day still has Cinnie’s dog bed and and will read a book in it or nap in it. She had developed a string connection with our dogs.  


That summer day as I was capturing these portraits of my two friends I knew with sadness that soon winter was coming and they had struggled severely last winter. I snapped thier images quickly knowing in my heart I soon would be without them.  They both quietly posed for me connecting with me. 



The winter did come and it was hard.  My heart still carries the day Cinnamon went out for her morning walk and found herself in deep snow and could not walk back to the house. She looked up at me watching her from the house and layed down curled up in the snow.  As if to tell me it’s ok ok friend I’m ready. I dropped my coffe cup forgetting I was in shorts and a T-shirt and no shoes. I ran out into the cold and down those  snow covered deck stairs hardly touching the steps and ran to her screaming “No!! I have you! I have you!”  I gathered her up in my arms and ran back into the house and warmed her up by the fireplace . She didn’t pass that day but, later that winter we lost both of them in the same week.

About three years ago today in fact.  It’s been three years and these portraits I did of them still resonate such deep feelings for me. And I’m so glad I have them to remember those “Dog day of Summer” 


The author Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio LLC

The author Kansas City Photographer Kimberly Pimentel of Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Before and after images from Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC

    Kansas City Photographer Pimentel Portfolio LLC. Showing you a before and after of a recent portrait shoot. 

      We love creating Vanity Fair style of Portraits for clients.  Because, people don’t realize that they all have that hidden ability to look fierce!  We just know how to Style them and capture that look they all have inside. 

     We tell our clients to trust the process. We provide them with a makeup artist before their session and can even provide Vanity Fair style  wardobe that we have chosen uniquely for their look.   


A before and after look from Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC. 


     There is nothing so beautiful and self assured as a client who sees themselves in this light, it’s powerful.  Pimentel Portfolio LLC  are Kansas City Photographers who create Portraits for Media Branding, Engagements, Maternity, And bridal.     Call us at (913)687-1464 to find out how to book your session.


Beauty and self confidence is a feeling and when you know there is team of makeup, wardrobe, artistic, and photographic direction behind you with one thought: to create for you a stunning legendary Portrait of you and whoever you want to be photographed with. You can’t go wrong.  

 Pimentel Portfolio LLC Kansas City Portrait Photographers.  Call us to find out about a portrait session and how we can bring the fierce out in you!



What Letter will you Write?

    The delicate Intricacies of your life weave a story web about you  that is like a letter, and the people who love you cherish these stories.  Your moments in life are not captured in one second, but a collection of moments capture the story of you.  

    Memories, pictures these are gifts that you give unknowingly to your family.

The story that you leave is filled with triumphs, laughs, and many many inspirational moments that someday others who love you will look back upon on and smile.

    You are a unique being. Your journey is a monument to others before you. The Legacy is there ready to be captured in a Portrait. 

Call Pimentel Portfolio LLC , to learn how we can create your Portrait. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Portrait business.

We can be contacted  at (913)687-1464 to find out how to schedule a Portrait Session.

Motherly Love, the Perfect Portait

What makes a beautiful Maternity Image ? 

Creating a Unique Portrait of you that captures who you are and your love of being a Mother.   And that’s exactly what we do.  It’s simple; we love capturing you, the beauty of who you are.  It’s what we are good at.

 Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Photography business that caters to your photographic needs.  When we started our business we did it knowing we wanted to create Legacy Portraits.  What better time to start your legacy? 


Portrait created for the Maternal time, a Legacy of time and Quality.  

What makes a great Maternity Portrait ? 

You do,  and the beauty of your moment. 

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City Based Portrait business. We are women owned and proudly serving all women and their families to create Legacy Portraits that capture “You”. 

Contact us to find out how to schedule your Legacy Portrait.  

Call us at (913)687-1464. 

Marketing Yourself on Social Media

The beauty of today’s Social Media Market is that the world of Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat are FREE. And as a business owner FREE is GREAT. But, no one ever handed out a Manuel on how to market on social media the right  way. 

Here’s our top 5 points to consider when starting your buisness media presence. 


Headshot created by Kansas City Photographers Pimentel Portfolio LLC.

1. Your face is the face of your new Buisness. Get a professional headshot of yourself. Use your headshot for all your media outlets.  It often amazes us when we do sessions for clients and then go to look at thier media links and never see the images they paid for to be made in action.

2.  First appearances are everything !  Your mom used to tell you that and it’s true! As a representative of your business it’s up to you to display professionalism.  Have a professional Social Media Video made for your business.

3.  Be Neutral, Truth Hurts.  Ok this one is a bit political but hang in there. It’s for your own good. Be careful with your posts to be neutral. Don’t take this personally.  It just allows you to reach more customers who want to hire you.  

4. Don’t be repetitive on your media business posts. You know you hate it when a buddy post his football party pics on Facebook and the same one on Instagram. Switch it up a bit. 

5.  Media presence is the knock on the door in today’s selling world. And quite frankly it’s no longer a “Hi! This is me!” But a “ Hi, this is what I can produce for you !” Be yourself and show your stuff!  

The opportunity to grow yourself comes hand in hand with growing your business base. Network, chat, meet and greet as many people as you can. And remember EVERYONE is a potential client. 



Pimentel Portfolio LLC is an Award Winning, Published, Kansas City based, creative group that specializes in Portraits and  Creating Marketing Profile Videos. 

They can be contacted and inquiries made at  (913)687-1464. 

Kansas City’s Pimentel Portfolio LLC, Top 5 Secret things to have in a Senior Portrait

The Senior Portrait has become such an Iconic way of capturing your Step into Adulthood.  These Images will reflect your youth as the journey into the vast unknown unfolds.  That’s a Big deal,  and it’s important to set yourself apart from the rest, especially with your Senior Portrait Session.  These 5 Secret things that your Portrait should have, but, are not always talked about, but we all know they should have.

They are Easy to spot when you view a Timeless Portrait.  


Pimentel Portfolio LLC Awarded Portrait.  

1. Your images should have Impact. They don’t have to have a lot of bells and whistles to achieve this.  As seen above, the right light, the right connection, and you’re the Star.  



Black and White Portrait Awarded in the Portrait Masters 2018 to Pimentel Portfolio LLC

2.  Your images need to have Connection. We’ve said it before, we will say it again. But what do we mean?  It’s easy to find that in one of our sessions. We have an Artistic director who will put you at ease with the session by assisting you in hitting every pose. Once that part of the equation is zipped, all you do is shine through and you will connect in your images. People remember connection. They don’t remember the brick wall you jumped in front of. 

 3.  Proven Quality, what is this exactly?  What do you think of when you read the following 3 words: Rolex, Lexus, Tiffany?  Objects come to mind, right? What about these objects is similar? They all possess a Proven quality that is timeless. And your portraits should have this quality.  

4.  Beauty, boy! This should be easy. Who would have thought that you would even need to remember this? But, you need to remember it.  You are beautiful, and your images should portray your beauty.  Find a photographer who specializes in capturing that (beauty of you), You deserve it! 

5.  Powerful, Powerful, Powerful. There we said it 3 times that’s how strongly we feel it.  

Making sure our clients are shown in a light that displays their essence of power is super important to us.  You are starting a journey into adulthood, be powerful, make a statement! 

There are, of course, more things that make a great Senior Portrait. We love that our clients know they can trust us to make sure they will have a fun experience,  as well as create an amazing Portrait of them. We want you to look Beautful, Powerful and ready to start your Journey. It’s a limitless Universe, if  you don’t  limit yourself.  

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a Kansas City based Portrait business that specializes in Modern, Timeless, Legacy Art.   

Contact us at (913)687-1464  

Portrait Awards for Pimentel Portfolio LLC of Kansas City

Portraits should have several qualities to become Memorable.  Awarded images must capture unique qualities for a judge to merit the image as above standard and into the realm of advanced placement.  Photographers work for decades improving the technique and putting together the skill needed to produce this quality of work. 


Awarded Portrait Capture from Pimentel Portfolio LLC

But, what exactly makes a awarded image?

Yes, there are standards of criteria that Judges use for awards competition. Things like composition, focus, lighting are a few.  

We at Pimentel Portfolio LLC shoot for you, our client.  So, what is it that we capture in our Portraits that make them award winning is YOU! 

What draws you into a Portrait? The eyes. The gateway to appreciating a good protrait is the ability to see the sitters story, through the eyes. 

Photographers call this, connection.  The ability to capture this connection and take it to the next level of art appreciation can take decades to learn and master.

When we create A Portrait of you, we want you to be able to see this image as a Story, a legacy a timepiece.  We want your portraits to be your museum, so to speak.  When we create your portrait in one of our studio sessions. Long after you have left for the day. We are reviewing our work of you. And finding that one Portrait that we know speaks that language of your ancestors stories. 

Their story is in your eyes, we capture the story. 

Yes, there are many things that make a award winning Image. For us, the most important thing is You!   

Let your ancestors story continue, consider your Legacy Portrait as “ your chapter” .

Pimentel Portfolio LLC is a award winning Kansas City based Portrait Business. We can be reached to find out how to start your legacy portrait at 

(913) 687-1464



Celebrating Maternity with a Legacy Portrait. 5 reasons to have a Maternity Portrait Created.

It’s 2018, but that will be gone in a whistle and 2019 is towering ahead.  Time marches on fast. And with time comes change.  The one thing we have seen change in the Portrait Industry is the celebration of the Maternity portrait.   

 “Beauty in Motherhood of Grace” the Title of this Legacy Portrait for the mother to be.

 “Beauty in Motherhood of Grace” the Title of this Legacy Portrait for the mother to be.

Women use to hide this time in thier lives. And Rarely had pictures taken and even more rare if you look back to images in the 70’s - and 80’s were there any maternity portraits. But, in the last decade the Marernity Portrait has become more and popular.  And, why shouldn’t it?  Women should celebrate this time of strength, courage, and maternal power.  We love creating mternity portraits for families.  It’s such a unique way for a family to have a legacy to carry on in the form of Art.  So, let’s begin our top 5 reasons to have a Prpfessional Maternity Portrait created.


A Dreamy Portrait by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

A Dreamy Portrait by Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Top 5 reasons to have a professional portrait created during your maternity. 

1.  We all know that when we look at family images from realitives we have all played the guessing game of who was grand-ma carrying in this image.  It’s part of who we are as families to have these movements.  And becomes part of our social makeup. 

2.  You create a legacy to hand down when you capture historical moments of maternal portraits.   One never knows what the future holds we may have captured the maternal portrait of a future leader.  

3.  Maternity is a journey and should be honored for women.  They give of themselves completely for these 9 months and continue to nuture for-ever.  Celebrate this !!

4.  What a gift for a child to have forever and to pass down to grand children and great grandchildren.  Family trees are filled with images and the maternal portrait carries the unique stamp of two lives the child and the maternal side. 

5.  You create a Legacy Portrait with the maternal portrait.  You celebrate the strength of the mother and the love of her family for what she does in the carrying on of the lineage through time. 

Contact Pimentel Portfolio LLC to have your Maternal Art Piece commissioned today.   




Women’s Business Portrait should be confident and Powerful.

Your Social Media Image is your first impression to the Business World. And first impressions are key!  Women need to remember that they need a professional Business portrait.  


 Kansas City Professional Photographer Kimberly Pimentel, of Pimentel Portfolio LLC, tells you the top key things to remember when getting a Professional Business Portrait.

1.  Wear solid colors.  You are what you wear, so to speak. Look solid and confident. 

2.  Go to a Professional Photographer to get your Portrait.  We offer quality images that will look timeless and that’s what you want; nothing out-dated or too trendy.

3.  Go with a Photographer that you feel comfortable with.  You want to look your best and feeling your most confident will make your image Powerful, and you need to project that to the Business world to stand out.   

4.  As far as retouching, discuss with your photographer that they do a Business retouch, which is a basic clean up of stray hairs and lint.  You want to remain YOU and confident.   

5. This Image is your calling card. Do not let a selfie be your calling card.   Smile, show your confidence and look Professional.  

With LinkedIn and Professional Liscensing, Media releases, Resumes and Social Networking you have to be on top of your game.  You do not want to portray an unprofessional image as who you are. With the Internet history, we all know images follow us for a long time.  As a professional Woman you need a Professional Portrait.

Call us at Pimentel Portfolio LLC at  

(913)697-1464 to find out how to schedule a Professional Portrait today. 




What is a Contemporary Senior High School Photoshoot? Pimentel Portfolio KANSAS City Photographers can tell you what they are not !

I remember with pain the moment I was told by my parents you need to get your senior images done.  Eek I was so frightened and didn’t know what to expect. I begrudgingly made the appointment and went in with my bestie in tow. 

We both wore stiff ironed never worn before outfits and walked into the dusty local downtown studio and sat for 15 min on-a prop chair and boom boom we were shot by someone I do not remember.  And when the images hit the yearbook I looked frightened, uneasy and like I hated every minute.

Today’s contemporary Portrait setting has changed so much.  Not just for Senior Images, but for every genre.   When you do a Photoshoot with us you are going to have fun! And, you will remember it.  

Pimentel Portfolio Contemporary Senior Portrait on Location shoot  Las Vegas.  A day to remember  is so much more then just the Picture. 

Pimentel Portfolio Contemporary Senior Portrait on Location shoot  Las Vegas.  A day to remember  is so much more then just the Picture. 

Contemporary Senior Image shot by Pimentel Portfolio LLC at St. Louis Union Station.   Stopping traffic with a move that’s all her own!

Contemporary Senior Image shot by Pimentel Portfolio LLC at St. Louis Union Station.   Stopping traffic with a move that’s all her own!

The Game has changed for Senior Images.  You no longer have to be held to a standard of no originality.   You want to have a Senior Portrait that reflects who you are created by People who love what they do.  You have a ideal on how you want to be Photographed ?  Call  us we want to know. 

This is Your Year! Don’t wait for someone else to show you how it’s done be different be unique be you! 

Class of 2019, the world is waiting to see how your going to change things.  It’s time to start!   Get out there and conquer it ! Cheers from Pimentel Portfolio LLC


Las Vegas Mod Look Stylized Shoot.


Contemporary Portrait Shoots from Pimentel Portfolio LLC

Pimentel Portfolio is Kimberly Pimentel and Roxi Henrici 

Pimentel Portfolio is Kimberly Pimentel and Roxi Henrici 

We are a Kansas City Portrait Photography business and you can call us to talk about your Senior Images At (913)687-1464